for Villa Zavala, island Hvar

Welcome to Our Home

We are very proud at our family history so here are few interesting facts.

Family Dubokovic Nadalini is present on the island of Hvar for 12 generations. Originally based in Pitve and then in Jelsa, woven into the history of Jelsa, and was responsible for its rise.

Family Dubokovic Nadalini is inscribed in the book of the Hvar aristocracy in year 1797 which proves their wealth. New enrolled nobles received the privilege wealth or marriage to the aristocratic family.

Confirmation of the family coat of arms (blue and red box with drawn dub and noble crown)

The house is still in posses by the original owners, now is Mariana Benković who belongs the Duboković Nadalini family from Jelsa ,who once owned the whole area.

The house was mostly open during wine making period and later was also a summer house.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Captain Niko Duboković

Captain Ante Duboković

Family Dubokovic Nadalini Coat Of Arms from 1797.

Ivan Dubokovic, his wife Marietta Doimi de Lupis and sons Anthony and Niko Photo from 1836th